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The Cadastral Community had some sad news this week. David Moyer, a longtime member of the FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee and lifetime contributor to solutions for cadastral and parcel data passed away on September 26, 2021.
David was always that humble, quiet expert that showed up for all the meetings, read all the papers, and provided the sage advice that got you through the tough spots. If you review the past FGDC Subcommittee reports and meeting notes you will always see David’s presence. He agreed to let us publish his Land Records History article. I encourage you all to look at this thoughtful work.  
Our cadastral community is stronger, more knowledgeable, and in a better place because of David. 
On a personal loss level, I will always remember the time spent at UW Madison experimenting with new technology or looking modernizing old records. It was David’s counsel that got me through the final revisions of my dissertation, and it was his faithful guidance that lifted me through many of life’s challenges. We visited regularly through Bill’s last months and the weeks and months after his passing.
Go with God in peace my friend. Your work here is complete.

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