FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee - Projects and Workgroups

PLSS Work Group
This work group is working with federal , state, and private sector representatives to define the content of standardized PLSS data sets. This group is continuing to develop educational materials and supporting documentation for the Standardized PLSS data sets

The PLSS Working Group oversees the development of a standardized PLSS nationwide that can be used to support the GIS mapping and vertical integration of themes to the PLSS. The goal is to have a single PLSS data set that represents the best available PLSS data in any state that is hosted and maintained by the appropriate data stewards.

BLM Cadastral Survey, the FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee, Premier Data Services, and Fairview Industries, have teamed over the past four years to complete the standardized PLSS data for nearly all of the 30 Public Domain states. Oklahoma is the only state waiting to be completed and it is in process. All data is downloadable from links in the PLSS Data Availability document.

PLSS Tools
There are many GIS tools available for managing PLSS data in GIS. The BLM has developed a set of tools for publishing standardized data sets from the parcel fabric and these are available here PLSS_Tools. In addition the Esri local government solutions page has supported tools and examples for the PLSS and parcel data at the local government solutions site

Stewardship and Management

PLSS Stewardship
The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is a cadastral reference data theme that provides a basis for legal descriptions and mapping the rights and interests in land. The PLSS is maintained by two authorities (1) federal authority and (2) state authority. On federally managed lands the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the legally identified PLSS authority. On all lands without a federal right or interest the PLSS is under state authority or the state delegated authority. The Manual of Survey Instruction, 2009, defines survey procedures and provides definition to the PLSS nationwide.

PLSS Change Management
This document provides guidance on the policies and procedures for managing change and updates to Public Land Survey System Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (PLSS CadNSDI) data sets. This document is focused on state management of the PLSS but may be applicable to any agency maintaining PLSS or cadastral reference data sets.

PLSS Standards

CadNSDI PLSS Handbook
A handbook for GIS users of the CadNSDI Publication data set.

PLSS Story Map
This story map provides an overview of the PLSS and its components. If you are not familiar with the rectangular and rectangular PLSS this will provide examples and an overview

Control Point Standards

This report describes the attributes for reporting and publishing control points supporting cadastral data (PLSS or parcel data) maintenance. The release of the final report of the PLSS Control Working Group represents the culmination of many years of collaborative effort.  Special thanks to the Montana State Library GIS group on their leadership efforts, especially turning the design into an operational system.  Thanks also goes to Utah AGRC and the Utah State Surveyor for valuable guidance and their deployment of an expanded version of the design.

The link to the Montana multi state database web site is here

The link to the Utah Cadastral and control information is here

multi state database description zip file contains the field descriptions and a sample geodatabase.