Reference Documents Related to Cadastral Data

Cadastral Data Background and References

The Ohio Surveys - The PLSS Proving Ground
Ohio was the testing and proving grounds of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). As a result Ohio contains many varied land descriptions and survey systems. Further complicating the Ohio land description scene are large federal tracts reserved for military use and lands held by other states prior to Ohio statehood.

Water Boundaries and the PLSS
This is a powerpoint providing some highlights and cautions related to water boundaries, meanders and the PLSS

PLSS Standard Data Handbook
A revised version of the PLSS Standard Data Handbook has been published to the Nationalcad web site. A recent update (October 2014) includes the standard domains of values.

Parcel Data: Production, Publication and Project Data
Recognizing that local jurisdictions are often the authoritative source for cadastral data, the Subcommittee acknowledged that there are three commonly used types or levels of cadastral data, production, which is the day-to-day operation and maintenance data sets, publication, which is the data assembled for distribution and access, and project or business focused, which is a specifically defined set of cadastral data to support a current or ongoing project. These three types of cadastral sets are described in this document.

Authority and Authoritative Sources
The vision for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and the National Cadastre within the NSDI is to have a single source of authoritative cadastral data that is controlled and managed by designated data stewards. These would be data sets that decision makers could rely upon as current, maintained, and accessible. Cadastral data collections that do not come from authoritative or trusted sources are “unofficial” copies whose value degrades over time relative to the rate of updates to the authoritative data.

Annotated Bibliography: Foundational Documents
(2009) - All of the Subcommittee reports, publications, presentations and meeting notes have been posted the FGDC Cadastral Data Subcommittee’s web site. Within these documents the Subcommittee recognized that there are a set of foundational publications that are core to understanding the Cadastral NSDI and the strategy that the Subcommittee is pursuing. This annotated bibliography provides an overview of these publications along with a few related publications from other sources. Authors: David Stage and Nancy von Meyer.

Annotated Bibliography of Cadastral Subcommittee Documents
(2008) - This is a summary of the documents the Cadastral Subcommittee had developed and maintained as of 2008. Some of the web links in this document may not work.

Opportunity and Challenge - The BLM Story