Reference Documents Related to Cadastral Data

Related Standards - State Standards

Arkansas Address Standards – Centerline File Working Document
(2001) - The State Land Information Board developed this document in order to support the legislative initiatives to establish the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (Act 1250 of 2001). The following standards specifically speak to methodologies for creating a statewide address and centerline data set.

Florida Parcel Data Model
(2006) - Draft data model by the Florida Department of Revenue. An MS Access database is available from the FDOR link. The Florida Department of Revenue is in the process of developing a Cadastral Data Model as part of the Cadastral Mapping Guidelines.

Florida Cadastral Mapping Guidelines
Florida Department of Revenue Cadastral mapping guidelines compiled by the Florida Department of Revenue, PropertyTax Administration Program, Mapping & GIS Section to provide direction and assistance to the county property appraisers of Florida.

New Mexico Parcel and Assessors Handbook
(2001) - County Assessors must produce fair and accurate tax assessments. It is the role of the County mapping staff to produce assessor’s maps that are uniform, clear, complete and accurate at a reasonable expense. The mapping standards in this report are intended to support the county assessors. A re-write of these standards is currently under way.

Minnesota Statewide Parcel Identifer Study
(2001) - The need for a unique, statewide parcel identification number has been an issue for many years within the Minnesota geographic information system community. Some users want a standard format for identifying and locating land parcels, while others maintain that this would be costly and disruptive for many local governments. Needed now is a discussion that includes the views of those interested in a standard and the local governments that would be affected by such a standard. This document reviews a statewide parcel identifier standard.

Montana Core Cadastral Initiative
The Montana Department of Administration, Information Technology Services Division, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Bureau began construction on a cadastral database in 1998 and completion is expected in 2002. At the present time the database is available via the Internet and is being transitioned to an Arc/PARCEL Geodatabase model. The bureau serves the role as cadastral data integrator. As the state integrator, the GIS Bureau integrates data maintained by the Montana Department of Revenue and eight other counties that produce their own parcel layer.

North Carolina Parcel Publishing Guidelines
Update: 2015 - North Carolina has completed an unpadded standard and standardization of all 100 counties.
The document linked at the title is the original NC Parcel Standard report. In order to integrate information across the state and build a seamless parcel map for North Carolina the parcel needs to be tied to a common coordinate system. The National Standards specify the elements for this common reference.

Oregon Department of Revenue Standard for Digital Cadastral Maps
(2005) - Under the direction of the Oregon Geographic Information Council (OGIC), the Oregon Framework Implementation Team (FIT) has delegated the development of a Cadastral Framework Implementation Plan and a Cadastral Data Exchange Standard.

State of Utah Statewide Digital Parcel/Address Phase-II Pre-Pilot Cost-Benefit Analysis
(2004) - In spring 2004, a preliminary analysis from Phase I of the project identified potential user benefits and support via 14 user interviews. In Phase II, a pre-pilot analysis is intended to provide greater evidence of costs and benefits of implementing a statewide parcel and address data system.