Reference Documents Related to Cadastral Data

Subcommittee Archives

An Assessment of Best Practices of Seven Parcel Management Programs
(2006) - The goal of the FGDC Subcommittee for Cadastral Data (Subcommittee) is to support the development and maintenance of digital parcel data nationwide through standards and partnerships to support local, state, tribal, and national data and applications. This report looks at the best practices for assembling and aggregating parcel data in seven states. Authors: David Stage and Nancy von Meyer

WGA Forum on Cadastral: Putting Land Records to Work
(2003) - The Western Governors’ Association (WGA) sponsored the Cadastral Data: Putting Land Records to Work forum on May 6-7, 2003. The forum was a follow up to the first WGA Cadastral Forum held in 2000. Both forums examined how the cadastral community could work together to provide cadastral information to meet pressing business needs.

WGA – Cadastral Data and Policy Forum Final Report
(2000) - The Western Governors' Association (WGA) Cadastral Forum was convened in March 2000 to investigate the status of the development of data sets for land ownership, and administrative boundaries. There are twelve (12) recommendations that came out of the Forum and this report discusses these findings

Cadastral Customer Review and Requirements
This 2008 study examined what information might be needed by cadastral data consumers.

Federal Agency Customers for Cadastral Data
In June of 2008 the Cadastral Subcommittee was asked to determine which federal agencies have a need for cadastral data and what data do they use. This study summarizes the findings of detailed surveys of federal agencies represented on the Cadastral Subcommittee.

Subcommittee Archives - Inactive Workgroup Final Reports

Energy Workgroup -
Cadastral Data and the Energy Community
This paper discusses the need for accurate survey boundaries and land ownership information required by the energy community (exploration, production and reclamation), regulatory agencies and private individuals to provide decision support tools necessary to manage the life cycle of energy development from prospect to production. From the early stages of prospect identification through leasing, permitting, drilling, completion, production and marketing, land ownership rights and interests contribute to each step in this life cycle. Knowing who owns mineral rights, which local, tribal, state and federal regulations apply in an area and how to gain access to the drilling locations and development sites often hinges on surface and subsurface rights and interests.

Mortgage and the Economy - Mortgage Crisis Workshop Final Report
The Mortgage Stakeholders meeting resulted from a request by the FGDC Steering Committee to the FGDC Subcommittee for Cadastral Data. In October 2008 the Cadastral Subcommittee established the Mortgage Study Team to begin investigating the role of land parcel data and the mortgage crisis. The Cadastral Subcommittee in collaboration with the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) hosted a meeting of stakeholders in Washington D.C. on May 7, 2009 to explore the potential uses of land parcel data for more effective management of mortgage and financial oversight programs and activities.

WGA - 2003 Second Workshop Final Report
The forum was a follow up to the first WGA Cadastral Forum held in 2000. Both forums examined how the cadastral community, as a collective body from multiple organizations, could more effectively digitize, share and integrate land records data needed for policy decision making, public and private management of property, and emergency response in the West.

WGA - 2000 First Workshop Final Report
To address multiple land related issues, the Western Governors recognize the importance of the collection, integration, maintenance and distribution of digital geographic data representing the legal land subdivision from the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), land ownership and other related information. To this end, the Western Governors' Association (WGA) encourages member states, local governments and tribal entities and the private sector to engage in a coordinated effort that will lead to standardized best practices and land record modernization as well as a solid digital cadastral infrastructure.

Hurricane - 2004 Hurricane Isabel Workshop Final Report
The Cadastral Subcommittee met in the fall of 2003 to identify situations where parcel data was needed to respond to natural disasters and to meet homeland security requirements. In January 2004 in Raleigh, North Carolina with more than thirty federal, state, and local representatives that had been involved with Hurricane Isabel. Participants described events that they had experienced during the different phases of emergency response operations and the importance of parcel data to addressing their problems and issues.

Hurricane - 2008 Hurricane Ike Final Report
Before Hurricane Ike made land fall the US Forest Service (USFS) asked the FGDC Subcommittee for Cadastral Data (Subcommittee) to provide them with assistance for the
acquisition of parcel data in those counties that were in the path of Ike and were in proximity to USFS lands. This report summarizes the lessons learned and the firecasts for future efforts.

IAAO - 2008 - Parcel Data Sharing to Rebuild Communities
The purpose of the “Sharing Parcel Data to Protect and Rebuild Communities” workshop was to explore the advantages, opportunities and issues of sharing parcel data from government-to-government. The FGDC Cadastral Data Subcommittee (Subcommittee) and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) have a common interest in identifying the parcel data needed by federal and state agencies and industry as well as identifying the partnerships and successes that could be achieved through shared efforts