Education and Training

Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

The BLM and Esri have developed supporting materials to assist with the deployment of PLSS maintenance using the Esri parcel editing solution. In addition to the core software help and core product training there are some materials that will assist with PLSS specific tasks.

PLSS Editing Tools and Maps
The Public Land Survey Editing solution includes standard editing workflows, an editing map, and support for publishing the CADNSDI.

You Tube CadNSDI Channel
There are several You Tube videos that may be of assistance for PLSS editing in the Parcel Fabric. These videos are based on version 10.3.x of the ArcMap product and may not be aligned or current with the most recent ArcMap release.
CadNSDI You Tube Channel

Supporting documents and data sets
The following are the sample data set and documentation packages that support the videos. Please be aware that the software and workflows described in these documents have evolved and some of the references and process steps may have changed.

Loading Control and Least Squares Analysis (LSA) - These are processes to add control points to your fabric and apply adjustments using the least squares analysis tools. This is a zip file with sample data sets, documentation of videos and links to applicable videos.
Creating a Plan - The parcel fabric plan links your data to source documents and applies document specific corrections to your observations. This is a document describing the steps for creating a plan.
Merging Courses - This is a process to eliminate unwanted or unneeded parcel points on boundaries, This is a zip file with a sample data set, documentation of a video and a link to the applicable video.
Parcel Fabric Editing Tools - This documentation and videos provide an overview of the tools in the Parcel Fabric tool bars.
Compiling Mineral Surveys - This is a series of three videos and documents and a sample Mineral Survey Plat that provides a step by step process for capturing metes and bounds PLSS surveys (PLSS Special Surveys). The mineral surveys are some of the more frequently occurring special surveys in the west.
Attribute Editing - These are three lessons related to updating attributes and adding attributes to new parcels.
Copy Parcel Fabric - This documentation and video provide instruction on how to copy a parcel fabric. This is not a process that you will use often but for those times when you want to share a portion or all of a fabric these are the steps to follow.
Publishing the PLSS CadNSDI - These materials demonstrate how to publish form the parcel fabric to a standard geodatabase format and how to set up and view the published PLSS CadNSDI mxd files

Training Manual
This training manual compiles the documents and discussions from the video supporting documentation into a single training manual providing a flow through the materials. The manual is based on ArcMap (Parcel Fabric) version 10.3.1 and 10.4.1. The Current software version is 10.5.x and the information in this manual is dated.

Esri Meet Ups
The Esri Meet Ups are moving to geo Net which will make them much more accessible. Links to the Geonet site will be provided soon.
There are many meet up topics that will be of interest to the cadastral and land records community. You can join the Meet Up communities at no cost and have access to the past records which can be found under the pages tab in the meet up window.
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PLSS Editing Forum
You will have to login to your Esri account or set up a new account. We have initiated a forum for PLSS Editing on Geonet. The sign up is free and is a way to connect with your peers.

PLSS Story Map
story map provides an overview of the PLSS and its components. If you are not familiar with the rectangular and rectangular PLSS this will provide examples and an overview