Cadastral Data Standards and Guidelines

Cadastral Data Content and Implementation Standards

Cadastral Data Content Standard ver 1.4
In 1996 the FGDC approved the first version of the Cadastral Data Content Standard. This is the current version of that content standard,

CADNSDI Publication Standard Version 2
This is a zip file containing the implementation guidelines for PLSS and Parcel data that conforms to the current FGDC cadastral data content standards.

CadNSDI Domains of Values
These are domains of values for the standardized attributes in the PLSS CadNSDI Publication Standard Version 2.

BLM PLSS Point Identification Standard
This is a standard developed to support BLM PLSS corner collection activities and is used in the BLM sourced standardized PLSS data.

The multi state database description is a zip file contains the field descriptions and a sample geodatabase for control points used to support PLSS and other cadastral data updates.