Welcome to the FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee outreach web site.

This site contains reports and standards from the Subcommittee as well as many local, state, and national cadastral topics and related standards.
About Us - Includes links to the charter and FGDC annual reports, committee members, and recent meeting notes and agendas.
Standards and Guidelines - has the FGDC Cadastral Data Content Standard and the implementation standards, guidelines, and handbooks. Links to metadata and implementation are included on this page.
Education and Training - includes links to background and training documents as well as You Tube videos related to the maintenance of PLSS data in the Esri parcel fabric.
PLSS Project - The PLSS data availability, standards, and progress are included this page
State and National Parcel Data - Includes all things parcel as well as state program to aggregate parcel data.

Wildland Fire project - This is an example of the subcommittee partnering with a business area that requires cadastral data

Reference Documents - This contains document and archives contain related documents that were not developed by the Subcommittee but may have been used as reference or are of interest to the cadastral community. This section also contains glossaries and inventories and archived reports that are no longer related to an active project or workgroup.

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